Our goal isn’t to just sell bikes. We want to create a lasting impression with people who interact with our brand. We practice being inclusive, honest and rebellious. We aren’t going to follow the traditional path. We take the hard road and let our authenticity be the living and breathing voice of our brand. To us Evil is more than the welds, tubes and carbon that we have come to know as a bicycle. Evil is a movement, a brand, a lifestyle, and an evolving culture born to provide a voice to the youth of today. Evil is a manifesto built from a rogue set of ideas and values designed to innovate and inspire change in all that we do. Evil was conceived as being more than a bicycle brand - it’s a catalyst for change. Riding the road less traveled and drawing inspirations from action sports, youth culture and art, Evil employs open, honest and authentic branding and marketing strategies designed to make a lasting connection with an audience that extends well beyond the cycling industry and goes to the heart of community. To us, operating as a brand rather than a bike company allows Evil to transcend its reach across sports, design and fashion genres. Whether it’s industry-leading engineering, the reassuring voice of top-quality customer service, or timeless product design, our commitment to innovation, quality and style drive all that is Evil. 

Does this sound like a trip you want to be a part of? At Evil we are always looking for new people to join the team. Please see below for any active job openings. 

Job Title: Warehouse Factory Tech

As a Warehouse Factory Tech at Evil your core responsibilities surround the quality control and assembly of our bikes. Applicants should be well versed in bicycle mechanics as well as have a keen eye for detail and aptitude for troubleshooting potential issues through frame and complete bike assembly.

Evil Factory Techs are also responsible for:

  • Complete bike assembly according to Evil standards for all mountain, gravel, e-bike and dirt jump bikes
  • Complete bike packaging according to Evil standard including following packaging procedures for carton based shipping of bikes.
  • Following quality control procedures including recognizing and reporting of defective parts.
  • Work area cleaning, including pre and post bike assembly, according to procedure.

To apply, please submit your resume to and with Warehouse Tech Application reference in the email subject.